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126.   Challenges to the Technology of Group-III Nitrides and AlGaInP/GaAs MODFET Structures
Dr. W. Peltschen

Fraunhofer Institut
Freiburg, GERMANY
October 13, 1995
127.   Optical Properties of Ordered 3-Dimensional Arrays of Structurally Confined Semiconductors
Dr. Nigel P. Johnson

Nanoelectronics Research Centre
University of Glasgow, SCOTLAND
October 13, 1995
128.   Optical Properties of Submonolayer InAs Embedded in GaAs
Dr. Clivia M. Sotomayor-Torres

Nanoelectronics Research Centre
University of Glasgow, SCOTLAND
October 12, 1995
129.   Quasi-Phasematched Parametric Interactions at 1.5 microns in Lithium Niobate Waveguides
Mr. Mark A. Arbore

Center for Nonlinear Optical Materials (CNOM)
Stanford University, USA
September 25, 1995
130.   Substrate Effects in Epitaxy As Seen By the STM: Place Exchange and Strain
Dr. Joseph A. Meyer

University of Ulm
September 12, 1995
131.   Mid-Wave Infrared Lasers Based on Antimonide/Arsenide Heterostructures
Dr. Richard Miles

Hughes Research Labs
Malibu, CA, USA
August 14, 1995
132.   Chemical Beam Epitaxy for the growth of GaInAs/InP Multiple Layer Structures
Dr. Maarten Leys

Department of Physics
Eindhoven University of Technology, NETHERLANDS
August 10, 1995
133.   Temperature Dependent Efficiency and Modulation Characteristics of 980 nm Strained Quantum Well Lasers" and "Spectrodetector - Novel Monolithic Integrated Wavelength Meter Photodetectors
Dr. Rashit Nabiev

Edward L. Ginzton Laboratory
Stanford University, USA
August 5, 1995
134.   Some Rules for Circular X-Ray Dichroism: Application to Magnetic Materials and Heterostructures
Dr. Massimo Altarelli

European Sunchrontron Radiation Facility
Grenoble, FRANCE
July 28, 1995
135.   Magnetic Resonance Imaging with laser-Polarized Noble Gases
Dr. William Happer

Physics Department, Joseph Henry Laboratories
Princeton University, USA
April 27, 1995
136.   Integrated Optics Circuit Engineering
Dr. S. Iraj Najafi

Ecole Polytechnique,
Montreal, CANADA, USA
April 10, 1995
137.   Electrical and Optical Properties of Quantum Well Infrared Photodetectors (QWIPs)
Dr. Ali Shakouri

Thomas Watson Laboratory of Applied Physics, California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, CA, USA
April 10, 1995
138.   High-Performance Compound Semiconductor Optoelectronic Light-Emitters
Dr. Fred Kish

Hewlett Packard, Optoelectronics Division
San Jose, CA, USA
April 4, 1995
139.   Electron Transmission Through Ultra-Thin Metal Layers and its Spin Dependence for Magnetic Structures
Dr. Henri-Jean Drouhin

Ecole Polytechnique,
February 3, 1995
140.   InP Field Effect Transistors by the MOCVD Technique
Dr. Noren Pan

Raytheon Company, Research Division
Lexington, MA, USA
December 28, 1994
141.   High Efficiency AlGaAs/Si Stacked Tandem Solar Cells Using Epitaxial Lift-off
Dr. Pierre Gibart

Valbonne, FRANCE
December 13, 1994
142.   Nitrogen Precursors in Metal Organic Vapor Phase Epitaxy of (Al, Ga)N
Dr. Pierre Gibart

Valbonne, FRANCE
December 13, 1994
143.   Recent Advances in Microwave Device and Circuit Development at Raytheon
Dr. Douglas Teeter

Raytheon Company
Lexington, MA, USA
December 12, 1994
144.   Miniature Active Matrix Flat panel Displays: Principles, Fabrication and Results
Dr. Mark Spitzer

Kopin Corporation
Taunton, MA, USA
December 5, 1994
145.   Growth of InGaP/GaAs Quantum Well Structures by Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition" and "Carbon and Indium Codoping in GaAs for Reliable AlGaAs/GaAs Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors
Dr. Takumi Nittono

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation
NTT LSI Laboratories, JAPAN
December 2, 1994
146.   Overview of GaSb-based Materials Research at MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Dr. George W. Turner

Lincoln Laboratory Lincoln Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Lexington, MA, USA
October 14, 1994
147.   Optically Active Semiconductor Quantum Boxes Realized via One-Step Growth
Dr. Anupam Madhukar

Photonic Materials and Devices Laboratory, University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA, USA
October 7, 1994
148.   Interface Characterization by Zeeman Effect in Structures with Semimagnetic Semiconductors
Dr. Jan Gaj

Institute of Experimental Physics
Warsaw University, POLAND
August 5, 1994
149.   A Phenomenological Theory of the Potential and Charge Distribution in the Quantum Hall Regime
Dr. Hans Nielsen

Niels Bohr Institute
August 5, 1994
150.   Femtosecond Spectroscopy of Semiconductor Microstructures
Dr. W. Andreas Schroder

Physics Department
University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
June 28, 1994

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